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What Causes Acne?

The Cycle of Life

Everything in nature is part of the cycle of life. Fruit trees drop fruit which is eaten by animals, who carry the seeds far away. Those seeds sprout new trees which create new fruit. Any trees that aren't healthy and strong are pruned by storms, disease, and fire and the cycle begins anew. When natural cycles work, everything is in harmony. Problems begin when natural cycles are blocked in some fashion. The same is true for our skin.

Image of how skin microbiota and our immune system work on a cellular level

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Our skin, which is our bodies largest organ, is constantly generating new skin cells. As new skin is generated, the skin cells at our outermost layer die. This dead skin is then consumed by the microbiota which live on and inside all living things.  The  skin microbiota then produce nutrients which nourish our skin. This entire symbiotic cycle requires oxygen for both our skin and the microbiota.
Unnatural chemicals, unnatural processed food, and pharmaceuticals upset this natural balance by making our skin undigestable by our skin microbiota. This causes a build-up of dead skin cells, which suffocates your healthy skin and the microbiota which we need. The healthy cycle is now broken and because nature must always have a cycle, it creates a nightmare cycle.

The Nightmare Cycle

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The nightmare cycle starts when your skin microbiota starts fighting for its life because it can't get oxygen. It transforms itself to not require oxygen. While this change permits it to survive, this mutation is now irritating to the skin and causes inflammation. This combination of dead skin cells and inflammation produces the first signs of acne.
Now that the nightmare cycle has begun, many of the actions we take to deal with acne contribute to the negative spiral downward. The use of sunblock, powder makeup, concealer and petroleum-based skin products add another layer of oxygen blocking material to your skin. Bad microbiota multiplies while your skin continues to be starved for oxygen.
While regular cleaners and soaps will remove makeup and other artificial products, they do nothing for the build-up of dead skin that is the root of the problem.
Mainstream products designed to remove dead skin does so through the use of harsh abrasives and strong chemicals which don't differentiate between the dead skin and healthy living skin. The damage caused by these products makes your body think it's under attack, so it sends melanin to the affected areas to protect us. We see this show up as dark spots. The nightmare cycle gets worse and worse.
The continued use of petrochemical-based skin products such as lotions and moisturizers further fertilizers this nightmare cycle. As petrochemical products become trapped between the layers of dead skin, harder for your skin and microbiota survive as they both struggle for oxygen. At this juncture, you are experiencing extreme acne and are seeking professional help. The nightmare cycle has become profoundly dark.

Descent into Darkness

Image of the skin's microbiome which shows the layers and make up of the human skin

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The last step of the descent into darkness begins with professional help. Chemical peels rip away the dead skin and initially look good. However, the clean looking skin after is a deception as the chemical peel has done massive damage to your healthy skin. This guarantees that when the acne returns, it will be worst than it ever was.
Laser treatments are no better as they do the same amount of damage as chemical peels. If you have reached this stage, you are living a nightmare of the worst acne a human being can have. You might even have the beginnings of severe health problems and infections. Any attempt by a physician to treat your issues with antibiotics or cortisol will also kill whatever healthy microbiota you have left, compounding your issues. Lastly, the use of synthetic hormones as a treatment can lead to difficulties in pregnancy and puts the unborn child at risk for congenital disabilities. This nightmare can even reach the next generation.

Start Living the Dream

At this point, the natural question to ask is how do I leave this nightmare and return to the dream of healthy clear skin? Here are my recommendations :
  • Visit a holistic health practitioner to make sure you don't have any severe underlying health issues that the acne is simply a symptom of.
  • Stay away from proceeded foods and attempt to eat organic meats and vegetables
  • Stop using petrochemical-based skin products
  • Start using SILKIER to remove dead skin. SILKIER is an all natural gel designed to bind with dead skin to remove it naturally while leaving healthy skin untouched
  • Use LUSHER to remove excess oil from your skin and to properly nourish the good microbiota.
  • Use the vitamin C serum REVITA to properly nourish your healthy skin.
  • Use CLARITY to further nourish your good skin microbiota and to kill the bad microbiota which fuels acne
  • For papules issues, use VANISH. This is a herbal blend designed to draw out the dirt and residue under your skin and gently bind and clear out the dead skin.
  • Educate yourself. Here are two articles from my blog you might find helpful

I invite you too leave your nightmare behind and start living the dream.

Image of 4-Step Acne Treatment (Silkier, Revita, Clarity, Vanish) - Made Naturally - Helps treat acne and pimples