Millionaire, founder of Health Drink Zenify talked about his experience with Acne and AKP Acne treatment skin care products.




Adam Rosenfeld Millionaire, founder of Health Drink Zenify February 13, 2018

Dr. Ann Kuo is an Occupational therapist from Singapore. She has passion and sympathy for her clients and wants to improve their lives by nutrition, less depend on drugs. She is sharing her own experience with AKP BIOSERUM and AKP Fruit mix Vitamin to AKP



Dr. Ann Kuo Occupational therapist February 13, 2018

 “After many disappointments and wasted money over the years, I had given up on special skin care products. But at my age, I must have moisturizer. The first time I tried AKP Rejuvenex Gold, I was amazed at how soft and comfortable my face felt. I became an instant fan. A friend who saw my picture said my “skin is glowing.”

Myrna Oliver Retired - Writer of LA TIME Los Angeles / AKP REJUVEX GOLD August 4, 2018

I could not wait another day to let the public and the world know about this wonderful product. - REJUVE.

This anti-aging face cream AKP is a moisturizer and "creme de la creme", that is light, fresh and fantastic. Try it...and when you do, don't be surprised when people compliment you on your beautiful and glowing skin. Anh Kim Phan, the developer of AKP Skincare line understand science, health and beauty, but more importantly, she understands you and your skin.



Maria Pozo Humphreys, PHD. February 13, 2018

AKP Products changed the quality of my life. I have suffered for years with a facial condition called rosacea. I started using AKP skincare products and noticed a significant difference to my condition. The breakouts appeared less frequently and the inflammation subsided quite considerably with less redness. The great response was due to the fact that her products contain only natural ingredients mixed with the best Japanese water technology Kangen and Free of artificial colors, fragrances, or preservatives. Thank you AKP for bringing relief and joy back into my life with your amazing products.


Tanya Pluckrose
Selling Strategist
Pluckrose, LLC
[email protected]

February 12, 2018


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