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natural acne treatments Archives - AKP Skincare

  • Benefits of Aloe Vera Soup – Beautiful Skin Inside and Out

    What  Are the  Benefits of Aloe Vera?

    You must have been heard or read that aloe vera is a wonderful natural acne remedy and stomach ulcer treatment. But the real question remains: is it true? Is aloe vera poisonous? What are the real benefits of aloe vera? How can I use aloe vera when it doesn’t have a good taste? All of these questions make it seem difficult to have beautiful skin. 

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  • Home Remedies for Acne Not Working? Here’s Why…

    Why Natural Acne Remedies don't work, we can show you how

    We show you find the cause of acne and treat naturally.

    There are many home remedies for acne on the internet, yet so many people still can’t seem to find a treatment that works for them and continue to search for a solution. When I had acne in my 20s, I tried many natural remedies but did not see any results. Impatiently, I rushed to harsh treatment using antibiotics and cortisone which caused many side effects. That’s why I created AKP Skincare, to provide a lifetime solution for my beloved friends, family and clients.

    Quora Question

    I recently received the following question from a user on Quora:

    Can a mixture of cucumber, lemon, and rosewater help reduce skin bumps or pimples on the face? If so, would it be fine to apply it regularly, and how long would it take to work?

    If you follow my blogs, you will see that many of my answers continuously repeat BEAUTY SKIN FROM INSIDE. My answer to this question is both YES and NO.

    YES, the concoction of cucumber, lemon, and rosewater applied topically may help reduce acne as it provides the body with nutrition including vitamin C, minerals, and some flavonoids for the skin to heal itself. If you are healthy with natural nice skin, don’t have a lot of stress, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and drink a lot of water, this concoction may be one of the home remedies for acne that actually works. You can apply regularly to treat occasional outbreaks.

    NO,  Ii you have persistent acne on your face, this indicates that you have unbalanced nutrition overall. You need to address this problem correctly. Apply a topical solutions isn’t enough to heal acne completely. However, do not be disappointed and think that natural remedies don’t work. Certainly avoid rushing to antibiotics or strong chemicals to kill bacteria as well. Some home remedies may work but you must treat acne holistically and not just through one topical solution.

    If you have a mouse in your house, you can use a cannon gun to kill the mouse, but your entire house will be destroyed. There are more effective to get rid of the mouse, aren’t there?

    AKP’s home remedies for acne

    Addiction/Allergy Check

    • Check if you have an addiction or allergy: Sugar, Coffee, alcohol, gluten, dairy, and even healthy green tea might be the cause of acne. They are not too harmful in small amounts, but if you have become addicted to one of them, it’s a sign of unbalanced nutrition on the inside, which ultimately affects the outside. Try to slowly reduce consumption of any of these that you are over consuming to see  how your skin response.

      Balanced Nutrition and Gut microbiota is the best way to help your body heal itself from acne.

    • Consume various fresh fruits and vegetables: Consume as much as you can and make sure you have a variety in your diet. Don’t limit yourself to just cucumbers or lemons because each fruit and vegetables contains different vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and microbiota. If you eat just one or two kinds of fruits, you may lack other nutrients or overdose some. One of the best home remedies for acne is to consume various fruits and vegetables in order to have balanced nutrition and good microbiota levels. Avoid junk food and processed food with a lot of refined sugar. Click here for AKP skincare’s playlist on Microbiome and why it plays an important role in our health.

    Deficiency Checks

    • Test for Deficiency of vitamin D: In a severe case of acne, vitamin D deficiency may be the underlying cause. However, do not go ahead and take a high dose of vitamin D right away.  Vitamin D needs supporting vitamins including vitamin A, E, C, B, K1, K2, and magnesium in order for it to work properly. Consuming various fruits and a vegetable is a MUST when you take vitamin D supplements in a high dose. They provide vitamins and fibers for gut microbiota, which produces vitamin K2, B12 and many B vitamins which are important for the body to heal itself. Click here for AKPSKINCARE’s Playlist on Vitamin D for more information.


    • Magnesium deficiency: Our body needs magnesium to synthesize about 70% of the enzymes and hormone in our body. These keep our body functioning well and result in having beautiful skin too. In my experiences of treating acne along with many experts, people are still magnesium deficient regardless of the amount of fruits and vegetables consumed. This is because the soil lacks minerals and our body lacks the ability to absorb minerals from foods. One of the causes of this is  low stomach acid and digestive health problems. Magnesium is the most needed mineral after to Calcium and Potassium. You may consider looking for ways to increase magnesium in your blood quickly by transdermal application.


    In conclusion, beautiful skin starts on the inside. Finding the cause of the problem is the most important part of treating acne. Don’t be frustrated if some home remedies for acne don’t work and rush to treat the symptom with harsh chemicals or drugs.  Be patient,  love yourself, and don’t forget to combine the suggestions above with these important vitamins H: Happiness G: Gratitude L: love

    Please share your opinion of this article and any experience with skin problems you’ve had. Comment below or share this blogs with friends and family, who may need information on natural acne treatment for references.

    Have a nice day. Life is always beautiful!

    Be Happy, Be Grateful, and Love yourself is also very important Vitamin to treat acne.