Frozen Fruit Juice Recipes

Why Frozen Fruit Juice AKP way?

Prevent Choking Hazard

Popular warnings about the “hazards” of vitamins include discomfort and choking. When a soft pill dissolves fast, it causes stomach burning and nausea. A hard pill is made to dissolve slowly, however, it can cause choking. In addition, it can run through the intestines, causing discomfort and stomach pain. 

Better Absorption

The best way to deliver vitamins to one’s system is to admit it slowly throughout the day. For example, Vitamin C can cause discomfort and exacerbate ulcers. If taken in small doses several times a day, it can also heal the ulcers. Our body can’t hold high concentration of vitamin at once; it will try to excrete out by urinary tract; waiting money!

The solution for all of these problems is a frozen smoothie. Sipped slowly throughout the day, a smoothie with vitamins and water solves each problem. 

Stay Committed to Your Fruits & Vegetables

Many people have busy schedules that don’t allow the time needed to eat healthy, consume fruits and vegetables, and take their vitamins regularly. In this case, why not combine them together in a smoothie. You can prepare them once a week or twice a month and save the smoothies in the freezer, using daily as needed.

Save Money & Conserve Resources

Often times, we buy fruit that ends up spoiling before we are able to eat it. That being said, you can save a lot of time and money by making frozen juice (smoothies). Use the fruit before it spoils so that you don’t waste food or throw away money.  In addition to the financial aspect, it took energy and labor to produce the fruits and vegetable. One way to save the environment is to use the produce while it’s still good as to not waste the resources spent producing them.

Home Made With Love

You can choose the best ingredients for yourself and your family. You know exactly what you’re putting into your body by preparing fruit juice at home. Science has proven that water absorbs energy. If you are happy and have a good attitude while preparing food, the outcome will be good, healthy food. 

What Do You Need?

What you need is a good, strong blender, (my favorite is Blentec) and glass jars. Glass jars may be heavier to carry around, but they also are chemically resistant for acidity in fruit juice. They are totally impermeable to gas and air as well.  Plastic bottles are light weight and easy to use, but not the safest. There is concern surrounding the erosion of chemicals in plastic because of the acidity in fruit juice.

In the freezer, P.E.T (the plastic use for commercial water bottles) are nearly impermeable. At higher temperatures, PET’s thin walls can become permeable. This means it allows some air to enter and oxidize the contents. It’s up to you which container you decide to go with, just consider the effects.  Make sure you don’t expose the fruit juice bottle to light or heat.

You can re-use glass bottles after use or buy new ones. You can even use glass bottles from your favorite drink or other purchase. My favorite glass bottle is the 16 oz Starbuck coffee glass.  This bottle has wide neck and easy to refill. Be sure not to fill the bottle too much because you need to leave space at the top.  As the water expands upon being frozen, glass bottles may crack. You can also reuse water bottles, but not reuse more than once. Make sure to toss your used water bottle into a recycle bin.


Frozen Fruit Juice Recipes

There are many smoothie recipes on the internet, so don’t restrict yourself to just one or two.  I recommend preparing a variety to include all types of fruits. Natural fruits contain different constituents, phytochemicals, and trace minerals, so it’s important to diversify your consumption. Overusing one fruit can cause unbalanced nutrition, which may be harmful! Eating too much banana or orange, for example ,can result in a potassium overdose.  Too many carrots may introduce too much calcium and beta-carotene. Too much celery juice or grape fruit juice may decrease your blood pressure. Yes, natural fruits and vegetable can be a powerful medicine too. Variety is a critical factor in any healthy diet. While related foods share many of the same healing compounds; they each have distinct nutrients that are helpful in their own unique ways.

Try to have fun and explore your taste buds with different fruit smoothie recipes and avoid boring yourself with repetitive recipes. This is especially true for kids.    

The Japanese have a popular phrase “me de taberu” which means “eat with your eyes”. The color of the fruit smoothie is also important. Try your best to achieve an interesting and attractive color when you mix your ingredients of fruits and vegetables.

Ingredient Recommendations By Color

red fruit juice ingredients frozen fruit juice recipes

Red Color

Ingredients: Strawberries, raspberries, cooked beets, and ripped cooked tomato. It is good to use white-colored, sweet fruits, like bananas, red grapes, and ripe pear, to sweeten the batch.

Purple color: Blueberries & blackberries.  Add sweet fruit (banana, ripe pears, black or red grape) according to your taste. Hibicus Flower Tea has very nice red color and can be added to red or purple smoothies. 

yellow fruit juice ingredients frozen fruit juice recipes

Yellow Color

Papaya, orange, mango, apricot, cantaloupe or any fruit with yellow tones. This includes canned fruits. A ripe apple adds fiber as well.

Pineapple also contains natural digestive enzymes which help digest protein. Individuals who have problems with indigestion and feel bloated after meal have found pineapple to be quite helpful. Papaya has a similar function as pineapple, and goes well with the yellow and orange fruit groups.   

orange fruit juice ingredients frozen fruit juice recipes

Orange Color

Carrot juice is the best for orange-colored juices. You can discard the pulp, or keep the pulp for fiber. A strong blender can smooth a carrot easily. 

Combine carrot, orange, papaya, and cantaloupe. Make sure to use the whole fruit, eliminating peel and seeds. Add sweets fruits like mango, banana, and pears for taste.     

green fruit juice ingredients frozen fruit juice recipes

Green Color

Any green vegetable you can think of, including: collard, chards, mustard green, spinach, penny wort, dandelion, chickweed, celery, and wheat grass. You can juice them or blend whole, it’s up to you! Note that vitamin C helps maintain the green color.    

Add some bananas, pears, and honey dew to sweeten the taste.  Remember, pineapple aids with digestion. You can also add spirulina and some ginger, to offset the fishy taste of sprirulina. 

You can also use herbal teas such as chamomile, calendula, celandine, chrysanthemum, dandelion flowers, alfalfa, and chickweed. These herbs add more antioxidant flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals to the juice. Use your imagination and experiment to find out what suits you best. 

You can also try a bean smoothie by adding cooked peanuts, green beens, white beans and coconut milk.

Adding Vitamins To Your Recipe

Include vitamins in each batch, which can be divided into 4 – 16 fl oz bottles. The amount can vary depending on your weight, age, or therapeutic prescription. In this recipe we use AKP LIFE ESSENCE VITAMIN MIX for FRUIT JUICE. This is a very high potent concentration, without fillers, sugar, soy, artificial color, flavor or preservatives.

Prepare batches of smoothies in your free time. You can make a lot in advance and bottle one group of color at a time.  Make sure you have all 5 color groups: red, yellow, green, orange and purple.

Try to prepare a 1-4 week supply.  Take one bottle a day to work and sip slowly as it melts, adding water accordingly throughout the day. This gradual ingestion allows the vitamins and nutrients to be slowly absorbed into your cells, providing energy for your activities. It also keeps hunger at bay.  

If you are less hungry, of course, you are less likely to eat junk food, empty calories, or sugar. Furthermore, these nutrients help your cells rejuvenate, heal inflammation and disease, and may prevent cancer.

People who use this frozen juice experience higher energy and clear minds. They work more efficiently, feel lighter, develop stronger immune systems and recover quickly from infections, like a cold or flu.

Save time, save money, and even lose weight by making your own smoothie/frozen fruit juice with vitamins.

Enjoy your juice and your health!


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