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Beyond offering high-quality and natural products, we also believe in full transparency. We're happy to answer any questions about our company, the natural and USDA certified ingredients in our products, and beyond.

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AKP’S SKINCARE products do not contain Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide which are used in most sunscreens. These substances can cause skin problems with long-term use. AKP formulas do not block the sun rays, which is necessary for vitamin D production. However, they do provide long-lasting antioxidants to neutralize most of the free radicals caused by the sun and harsh environments like air pollution and radiation from electronic devices.
AKP skincare formulas are made from organic ingredients and are designed to nourish your skin. Therefore it has to be FREE of artificial kinds of stuff, and it has to contain many valuable active ingredients. Direct sunlight and high heat may quickly destroy these active ingredients, making them less potent. Keep AKP cream and SERUM in the refrigerator to lengthen the shelf life of these products. When you need to travel, using a Light & Heat Proof package is the best way to maintain their potency.
This is one of the most asked questions about AKP Skincare products, and the answer the sets us apart from many commercial skin care products on the market. Yes, our products are FREE of artificial preservative, paraben, Sodium Benzoate. AKP products only use antioxidant vitamins and herbal flavonoids, essential oils as the natural preservative and also active ingredients. It is different with other commercial skincare products, which use high amounts of artificial preservatives which prevent oxidation for a longer shelf-life and also suppress the activeness of other antioxidant constituents, rendering them useless. AKP apply GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice required by FDA) on production and distribution to achieve the best quality of our products – No need to use artificial preservatives, which may cause cancer. The safety of consumers and their satisfaction is our priority. PEOPLE: The technicians who work directly on the product have to have excellent health, free from any chronic disease, Free from any antibiotic or pain medication for at least two years. Individuals who have chronic illnesses may carry bad microbiome, which may be contagious. AKP only employs people who believe and practice AKP health protocols to be healthy without depending on drugs. PACKAGING: Dark glass bottle, BPA free Air-proof, light-proof bottles, and jars, to prevent oxidation. ENVIRONMENT: we use Kangen pH 11.5ph 2.5 to clean and sanitize environment. We make small batches with high-quality control and clearly post the manufacture date and batch number on labels. Instruction of use and storage are also printed on the bottle. DISTRIBUTION: Currently, we only sell directly to consumers online, at affiliated and certified salons or at Bunker Hill Salon in Los Angeles. Certified salons and spas have to follow a strict AKP’s standard. SHIPPING: Our products are always fresh, and we use non-toxic reusable ice block and heat & light shield to protect product when shipping.
Artificial colors and fragrances have a very attractive appearance and long-lasting fragrance. We know some people are very addicted to fragrances and that why there is a huge market for artificial color and fragrance. Chemists have successfully created synthetic versions of natural fragrances, which have the same smell and last much longer and are cheaper because they are made from a petroleum base. There is speculation about Cancer being caused by artificial colors and fragrances. People should get educated and make a choice for themselves. I, Anh Kim Phan, are one of the many people who have a negative reaction to artificial color & fragrance. I will have symptoms such as sinus blockage, sneezing, watery eyes, skin rashes, confusion, hypertension. The react was so terrible that I have to ask people around me do not wear fragrances. I know that a significant portion of our population has similar issues as myself. That’s why I created AKP Skincare for myself and people in need. However, it can be used as well by people who don’t’ have such severe issues. The fewer toxins that enter your body, the less your body has to work to detoxify itself. The natural color and fragrance in AKP products, as stated above, is bioactive and biodegradable, and easily leaves our bodies as we have been evolved with these phytochemicals ( chemical from plants) over many billions of years. The disadvantage of natural fragrances is they do not last very long, however, this is also the advantage as they do not cause an allergic reaction.
AKP Skincare ingredients have natural antioxidants to cancel out the free radicals caused by heat and light. The exposed product does not turn toxic, but its potency may lessen. Avoid light and heat as much as possible, and return AKP serum and cream to the refrigerator as soon as possible. This practice is not only for AKP products, it also applies to any other cosmetic products. Exposure of any open skincare container to high heat and sunlight for a long time ( 4 – 12hrs) and it becomes useless. The oxidation only occurs in the present of light, heat and free oxygen, always close the jars after each use. AKP use light proof jars and airless bottle to minimize the effect from light and oxygen.
The color and fragrance of AKP products are naturally occurring from the herbs we use. We employ unique techniques to extract and preserve the essential constituents’ isoflavonoids and violate oil from herbs. The natural colors come from flavonoids and isoflavonoids, which were thought useless before, but recent modern studies have shown that they act as an important role, enhancing the effectiveness of other antioxidants vitamins and neutralizing the side effects of oxidative stress caused by these anti-oxidants. Nice fragrance ( or “unpleasant herbal smell” depending upon an individuals’ perspective ) comes from the herb’s essential oils, which have antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-virus and anti-inflammation properties and therefore play a critical active role in AKP products. That is the reason we don’t “purify” these precious constituents.