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  • Are You a Loser?

    Beauty skin from inside out. Holistic health nutrition do not ignore the spirit aspect of health.

    Nobody wants to be a loser. Just give yourself a chance to read this plan, you may find that loser can become winner.

    Have a nice day.

  • AKP REJUVEX GOLD – For women after 40

    Is Asian have good skin by gene?, Not really, my mom has a brown spot all over her face. After 40 yrs young, I start to see my skin thinner, drier, brown spot on my checks, despite I spent $200/jar or anti-aging cream. I create this REJUVEX for me and women 40 plus, all races and colors. There are many researchers behind this REJUVEX cream, it has been tested with more than 7 years with 95% positive response.

    Father Time can be a harsh master as he will visit the ravages of aging upon all of us. And while aging can’t be stopped, Mother Nature is kinder and provides the means to slow down the unceasing march of time.

    REJUVEX is a completely organic anti aging cream based on ancient herbal wisdom and refined with modern scientific understanding. When this lotion is applied, it’s activated by the heat of your own skin to form a continuous, elastic, smooth and breathable layer that contains the hydration in your skin, keeping it moist, pliable and soft.

    REJUVEX ingredients also penetrate deep into your skin to stimulate blood flow and directly nourishes your skin with essential nutrients, which increases elasticity, your skin collagen levels and your immune system resulting in the stronger more resilient skin.

    Here are some of the ingredients in REJUVEX that make it so effective.

    • Natural anti-oxidant flavonoids extracted from an organic herb, which gives the benefit of balancing your hormones and brings your body back into harmony with Mother Nature.
    • AKPTM Cellular nutrients: a perfect combination of more than 20 anti-oxidant vitamins such as A, B complex, E, C, D, ALA, Co-Q10, plus trace minerals
    • An Organic base with a specific combination of natural cold press Olive, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Safflower, Sunflower and Coconut Oils which are rich in essential Omega 3’s, Linoleic acid, and Arginine. These act as a base biodegradable emollient which is consumed by the friendly microbiome on your skin which produces essential nutrients for your skin.

    This collection of herbs and vitamins works in harmony to protect and repair the skin from the ravages of free radicals, from sunburn, from virus and bacteria, and from harsh, dry environments.

    All of this will naturally reduce the fine lines, uneven skin tone, poor skin texture and surface dullness caused by aging giving you healthy looking skin. Doing nothing isn’t an option if you want to slow down the harsh pace of Father Time. Let the ancient herbal wisdom of Mother Nature be your protector.

    Note: This Model is Real clients. We didn’t edit or photoshop her natural lines, that the sign of wisdom, why we erase them?

    Myrna Olive testimonial: “After many disappointments and wasted money over the years, I had given up on special skin care products. But at my age, I must have moisturizer. The first time I tried AKP Rejuvenex Gold, I was amazed at how soft and comfortable my face felt. I became an instant fan. A friend who saw my picture said my “skin is glowing.”

    Science Unite with Ancient Wisdom


  • Tips to Stay Hydrated During Summer!

    Tips to Stay Hydrated During Summer

    Water is very important for your health, but plain water is boring. Here are some tips to stay hydrated during summer.  If you have kids, teenagers, or partners who love outdoor activities or work outside, then these tips may be useful.  If you have elderly parents under your care, you can use these four tips to stay hydrated and avoid many unexpected health problems, save time and money.

    I am in the same boat as all of you. My husband is an inspector and works outside most of the time. His favorite reward at the end of a long work day is to drink one or two bottles of beer. Like most people, he doesn’t prefer plain water as his treat. Because of the hot weather this ear, his appetite was affected. Sometimes he came home not wanting to eat because of the heat.

    I prefer to have a healthy husband, who enjoys life and travels with me.  I look for ways to keep both of us hydrated this summer, which led me to conduct my study.

    Summer Heat Effects

    In the summer, our body uses energy, nutrients, and minerals to regulate the body and prevent overheat. Sweating keeps us cool, but we lose a huge amount of water and minerals through sweating. Without properly hydrating, we are subjecting our self to the following risks:

    • Heat stroke
    • Exhaustion
    • Cramps
    • Heat rash

    These risks are higher for athletic, well-fit, healthy people who love to perform strenuous physical activity. The risks are also higher for people who are often outdoors or workers who work outside. I knew a friend who lost her mom at a very young age. Her mom was a very healthy, strong, athletic beach volleyball player. She was an excellent athlete and had won many medals. She collapsed during a game due to heat stroke. Her husband blamed the hospital staff because he felt they didn’t do their jobs properly. However, it was too late. Staying hydrated is the only way to save us in this hot weather and prevent unexpected accidents from happening to your loved one.

    The AKP Way to Stay Hydrated During Summer

    Here is AKP way to stay hydrated in hot weather and avoid heat-related illness:

    tips to stay hydrated during summer

    Stay Hydrated Tip #1: Drink Before you Feel Thirsty

    1. Track Your Water Intake & Drink Before You Feel Thirsty,

    General water intake advice is one half of the body weight. This number increases during the hot weather as we need more water.

    It’s very easy to forget to hydrate. Kids and healthy young teens have fun playing in the sun and are focused on winning their sports games which makes it easy to forget.

    As people age, their thirst sensor shuts off. This makes it hard to tell when the body is dehydrated until it is overly exhausted.


    Set an alarm on your watch or phone to help you remember to hydrate. Consistently consuming water is important because once you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. Drink water before you feel thirsty.

    Keep your water ready for use. Tips to stay hydrated during summer include investing in a high-quality, reusable water bottle. You can also reuse glass bottles and jars. You can replenish the water bottle’s contents anytime you are near a sink, water dispenser, or fountain.

    2. Avoid Alcoholic Beverages & Sugary Beverages:

    Having cool beers or sugared sodas is often associated with summer leisure. However, it is not a good drink for hydration purposes. While you might feel more refreshed at first, you’re likely to feel dehydrated soon afterward due to the effects of alcohol and sugar. They are very good diuretics and will cause you to urinate more frequently. This leads to drinking more and overloading the body with calories or alcohol. It’s best to either limit yourself or not drink any at all in the summer.

    Tips to Stay Hydrated During Summer, Deliciously!

    tips to stay hydrated during summer

    Stay Hydrated Tip #2: Avoid Alcohol and Sugar Drink

    3. Make drinking Water Enjoyable With Real Fruits:

    Drinking plain water can get boring and/or difficult to drink when we don’t feel thirsty.

    Plain water or purified water is not a good option to hydrate because it does not replace the minerals lost through sweat. AKP’s way: Make Electrolyte ice-cubes. See the photo below for the recipe.

    Replace minerals lost. Enjoyable. Delicious Way of Hydration tips to stay hydrated during summer

    Stay Hydrated Tip #3: Electrolyte Ice Cube

    Throw a couple of ice-cubes in water with a little natural flavoring from these slices of fruit. This makes an electrolyte minerals solution and also makes water more enjoyable while replacing lost minerals.

    Cool fluids help encourage us to drink more before we even feel thirsty.

    Have fun making ice cubes with your kids, they love to drink what they make.

    Staying fully hydrated keeps us from drinking sugary beverages like soda or beer.

    Save money and improve your health simultaneously.

    Do you lose appetite in hot weather?

    You need nutrients for your body, even in the heat. The following are tips for summer foods.

    Stay Hydrated and nourished with Easy Recipes tips to stay hydrated during summer

    Stay Hydrated Tip #4: Hot days Love Cool Soups

    4. Eat “Cool” Foods in Hot Weather:

    Mother nature is wonderful, she creates summer fruits and vegetables. Watermelon, Oranges, Grapefruit, Spinach, Zucchini, Celery, Radish, Cucumber and more. They contain high amounts of water and also many minerals and vitamins. Thousands of phytochemicals like flavonoids are found in fruits and veggies which play an extremely magical role in many chemical reactions. They happen inside our body to regulate the heat and act as an antioxidants to help neutralize free radicals. These can be caused by sun radiation to prevent sunburn. The dark leafy green vegetables have higher amount of Magnesium, which helps regulate body temperature. 

    These tips to stay hydrated during summer are for the regular person. If you are extremely athletic or on a special diet or medication, you may need to check with your nutritionist. Be aware of possible deficiencies of nutrition, especially Magnesium. I will discuss Magnesium deficiency in another blog.

    Subscribe to our mailing list for many other Recipes. My next topic is HOW TO MAKE AN ENERGY DRINK FOR YOURSELF and YOUR FAMILY. Avoid sugar, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. This drink also makes your skin plump and dewy too. SAVE TIME.MONEY.HEALTH.

    P/S: I experienced one severe case of Edema due to dehydration. Read my blog How to use Fenugreek Effectively 

    If you have sunburn here is the blog on Sun Burn and how to treat and prevent

    Reference and Further Reading:

    Book: You’re not sick, You’re Thirsty! By F.Batmanghekidj, M.D. According to this doctor, thirsty cause many diseases’ symptoms. Sometimes you just need hydration instead of medication.





  • How to Get Rid of Bags under Eyes and prevent it comeback.

    Eye bags are the skin bags under the eyes ( not inherit), a kind of edema, where toxic fluid struck in the lymphatic system if these fluid doesn’t move, it makes permanent sagging under eyes.  Stress, medication, eye strain too much,  allergy to foods, artificial fragrance,

    etc,… can cause edema, try your best to address the cause of edema. In this blog, we discuss how to treat and prevent them.

    There are many natural remedies in many beauty blogs worthy to try. However, I am not a fan of  Retinols cream with the petrochemical base on your eyes skin, try natural organic skincare as much as possible.

    Here are my remedies, and I have been used and see results in myself and many clients

    Remove Edema causing eyes bags:

    Take herbs as tea is better in powder capsule.

    • Orally:
    1. Drinking a lot of Fenugreek Tea, make sure use cold or room temperature to make the tea. Or you can use many other herbs which contain natural phytochemical compound polysaccharide like Aloe Vera, Slippery Elm Bark. This compound may help draw out the water stuck in the eye bags.
    2. Drink hot tea make with Tumeric, Chamomile, Calendula flowers, these herbs contain many photochemical helping soothing inflammation, strengthen the blood vessels and lymphatic system around your eyes.

    One Blossoming Orange Pot Marigold Flower – Beautiful Calendula officinalis Isolated on White Background.


    • Topically:
    1. Cold Mask: add water to 1 tsp of Fenugreek,  mix well into a paste, apply on the eye bags, lay down let it dry completely. When polysaccharide compound drying, it also draws out the fluids stuck in eye bags.
    2. AKP collagen contour mask created for sagging chin by edema also very good for swollen eye bags.

    Natural Skincare Tip #1

    • Prevention: strengthen collagen, muscle and lymphatic system around the eyes to void edema eyes bags.
    1. Consume plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, which contain vitamin C, and many other vitamins, minerals, the essential building block for our body to heal itself. If you are busy and have no time to prepare every day, try AKP LIFE ESSENCE vitamin complex to make frozen fruit juice to save time.
    2. Use real organic cream which contains multi-vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, E, Co-Q10, minerals, herbal extract of Calendula, Chamomile on organic base olive oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil to rejuvenate skin. or oil free organic serum . Avoid skincare products with allergens like artificial colors, fragrances or preservative.
    3. Many advice on the internet and social media to  avoid the sun, or use sunscreen, to help nice skin. Itmay right or wrong depending on your current health if you are very deficiency of vitamin D, you may have a Photosensitive problem. Check out other posts on  sunblurn

     These above suggestions are for people just has eye bags recently if you have eye bags edema for a long time and taking many drugs, antacid, proton inhibitor, medication for any chronic disease, you need to consult with a holistic doctor, or nutritionist to help you to treat the root cause properly. Remember, love yourself, you are your best doctor, only you can heal yourself. Doctors, nutritionists are your advisers, not your healer, you make a choice to choose them to serve you.

    Check out AKP’s consultation program

  • How to use Fenugreek Seeds Effectively

    Fenugreek Seeds – Use as food and natural remedies

    Fenugreek seeds are known for their characteristic smell of soup seasoning and as an ingredient of Indian curry. Traditionally the seeds are used in many remedies for the treatment of diabetes, cough, and flatulence, to increase breast milk secretion, and for anti-inflammatory and aphrodisiac effects.

    Modern Scientists recently confirmed that fenugreek active substances have a potential to become a source of new antidiabetic medication. However, I’d prefer to use Fenugreek Tea traditional way as tea and spicy in foods.

    This blog only shows How to use Fenugreek seed effectively as a tea to treat edema (water retention), and sprouting the seeds. 

    1- CoolTea for Edema: infuse 1-2 tablespoon of dry seeds in 1 cups of water wait for 1-2 hours until the color turns yellow.

    Fenugreek Tea for Edema, GERD, Acid Reflux

    Take herbs as tea is more effective than taking herb as powder capsule

    Drink slowly, add more water, drink again, add water 4-5 times until the color fading. The polysaccharide compound in Fenugreeks help draws out water inside the cells and detox through the lymphatic system. This tea very effective for treating water retention caused by hormonal fluctuation pre-menstruation, menopause. This tea can use to soothing burning on esophagus caused by GERD, Acid Reflux.

    Case Study: My relative a women in her 70years could not pee for 24 hours, her face, feet swollen and painful, that she couldn’t sleep,  after drink one cup of Fenugreek tea, she drained the toxic stagnant fluid profoundly through urine, continue   to drink until the tea color gone, and her body back to normal. Amazing only one teaspoon of this herbs can save a ton of hospital cost.

     2. Sprouting for salads: After the tea, do not through away the seeds, use them to make a tasty sprout, that you can add to many vegetable salads.

    2 Sprouting for Salad: Put in mason jar, use cheesecloth as the lid to keep air venting, change water daily in 5-7 days, rinsed out the husks, the sprouts are ready to use.

    !Sprouting enhances the nutritional value of many seeds

    Home made sprouts, effectively use of Fenugreek seeds after making tea[caption id="attachment_461" align="alignleft" width="351"] Fenugreek Sprouts has slightly bitter taste, goes well in any green salads.

    Just a small amount of this seek can save you from many unnecessary medications.

    Please share with your friends, who may need this information.

    Have a nice day! You can take care of yourself