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  • Natural Acne Treatment Flu-Away Clam


    The memories of my childhood gave me the confidence in researching, experimenting with folk-lore medicine

    This is the recipe my great grandpa cooked for us when we had flu and coughing.

    How these herbs actually prevent or cure flu?  She didn’t know, and couldn’t answer why these remedies work. She was a poor peasant and didn’t have any education, but she seemed to have answers for many problems, cough, skin rash, constipation, diarrhea, stunt growth….with yummy foods.

    She must know how to nurse young kids very well, as her son became a successful rich businessman, her grandson, first one in the family got into University, become a Mathematics Teacher, her great-grandkids excel well in life too. A wise and strong woman, I think, she doesn’t any degree to prove that.

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