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  • Fermented Chickpea Tofu – Luxury Food For Health and Beauty at a meager price.

    Fermented Chickpea Tofu easy to digest

    Freshly Made Fermented Chickpea Tofu – Supper Food at a meager price

    Do you want to have a dish value hundreds of dollars with two bucks?

    Yes, you can turn a two-dollar value amount of chickpea into two pounds of fermented chickpea cake, which has good balance nutrition, vitamins B12, K2, enzymes, minerals.

    Are you vegan by choice or be religious?

    Do you concern about the environmental hazards caused by the meat industry?

    Do you worry that vegan food is not healthy and nutritious enough?

    Dried Chickpea soaking in water

    Chickpea is very rich in resistant fiber, which absorbs a large amount of water. Soak dried bean at least 8-12 hrs in water before cooking. In this photo, 250-gram dried Chickpea in 800ml water

    Chickpea is a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals but not for everybody.

    You can search on the internet and find out many benefit nutrition in this Chickpea

    If we are able to absorb all the nutrients in this 100g of bean we can have enough calories and energy, and there would be no hunger and malnourished problem in the world.

    However most of us not able to digest and absorb all of the vitamins, minerals, proteins of legume, and beans.

    I admit that I used to hate most bean dishes; I couldn’t tolerate the taste, the ingestion, stomach bloating after consuming bean. Are you with me? And I’m not too fond of Chickpea as well.

    I have a long journey searching for the answers to the indigestion problem.

    I found that Chickpea and many beans contain a high amount of resistant starches, which cannot digest by the human digestive system.  They fermented by our gut microbiome in the large intestine producing various nutrition for us.

    Therefore,  some people with a balanced gut microbiome can go strictly vegan and have perfect health. However, In our modern life, we use many drugs, or food preservatives, which can cause an unbalanced gut microbiome, that why we have so many people with digestive problems.  

    Furthermore,  resistant starches have tremendous benefits only if they fermented in the right place – LARGE INTESTINE. Otherwise, these healthy foods can cause many problems.

    Low Stomach Acid or Lacking certain Gut Microbiome can cause indigestion with beans

    According to Scientist John Parson- founder of Life Wellness Lab, ” when we have low stomach acid, the food stuck and start fermenting inside the stomach and small intestine causing gas, bloating, acid reflux, GERD, and SIBO ̣(Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth).”  

    If we have low stomach acid, we can use a digestive enzyme, supplementing stomach acid with HCL pepsin when consuming protein-rich bean dishes. These stomach acid helps digest the protein and prevent the bacteria ferment inside the stomach and intestine, only at the Large intestine.

    However, before taking acid supplement, we can help our digestive system by instead of letting the Resistant Starches ferment inside us;

    We can ferment Chickpea outside our body before we consume them.

    The fermented products have a distinctive taste,  very delicious, easy to digest, and much more bio-available nutritious than any other Chickpea dishes. Aminoacid Tryptophane, Short-chain Fatty Acid, Magnesium are known as natural sources of Dopamine chemical to treat depression. Instead of taking synthetic chemicals, we can use these comfort foods in the time of depression. 

    Many ancient ancestors consumed very little meat, but many kinds of fermented foods for years.  Even though they had no idea about the invisible world of microbiome, they thrived well; otherwise, we wouldn’t be here today.

    This FERMENTED CHICKPEA TOFU inspired by the original Myanmar Style Fried Tofu recipe

    Chickpea and many beans contain a high amount of resistant starches, which cannot digest by the human digestive system. These Starches absorb large amounts of water after 8-12 hrs soaking.

    in the book  Miso.Tempeh.Natto & Other Tasty Ferments by Kristine & Christopher Shockey. I love this book so much; Kristine & Christopher guide us visiting many different cultures with different fermented food. They did an excellent job teaching how to ferment various foods at home too. 

    The hard time may come after Fear Pandemic COVID-19; we may experience a shortage of food or money to buy food.  Instead of stocking processed can foods, we should stock this bean, instead of canned foods.

    And please do not think of ChickPea as Food for the Poor and strictly vegan, with your LOVE and PASSION, when you prepare the dishes, you and your family can have healthy nutritious meals at a meager price,  with exceptional value that no money can buy for you and your family. 


    Cost $1.65 material ( base on the price 2.99/lb) to make 2 pounds ( 1 kg) of Chickpea Tofu

    Fermenting time 15 hrs.


    • Your love and compassion for yourself and your family.
    • 250 g dried chickpea ( I love to use dried whole chickpea than Chickpea powder. if you use power, you can skip the soaking time)
    • 1200-1400 ml water ( depend on how firm you want)
    • ½ tsp sea salt
    • ½ tsp Tumeric
    • Oil of your choice ( Olive, Grapeseed, Avocado, peanut oil, ect) for coating the dish and for frying
    Ferment in instant pot

    Use Instant pot to ferment in Cold weather to have stability control. Use the YOGURT normal setting for 12- 15 hours, the instant pot will stop automatically.

    Step by Step Instruction:

    Step 1: Soaking

    Rinse the dried bean, soaking it in 800ml water until fully expanded.

    Step 2: Blending

    Blending uses high power blender, blend the soaked grain as smooth as possible. (My favorite is Blentec, it’s expensive, but it lasts very long and robust.) Pour in the bowl or pot to ferment. Use 200ml water to rinse the blender to get most of the mix.

    Step 4: Fermenting

    Cover the bowl with lid or plastic wrap and let ferment 15 hours at room temperature in the summertime.

    In cold weather, use Instant Pot to ferment: Use the YOGURT medium setting for 15 hours, the instant pot will stop automatically. 

    Step 5: Add Spice salt

    After fermentation, we see more liquid, as part of the fiber had fermented, has a distinctive lactic scent. Use 200-400ml ̣( less water more firm tofu) mix well with ½ tsp salt and 1/2tsp turmeric, 2-3 TBSP of Corn starch, pour into the fermented mix, stir well.

    Step 6: Boiling

    Boil the mixture on the stove, whisk stir continuously with a spatula to keep the dough from sticking to the bottom of the pan. If you use the Instant Pot to ferment, turn on the SAUTEE setting and cook in the pot, stirring constantly.

    AKP - Fermented Food

    Fermented Chickpea Tofu – The yellow color comes from Tumeric powder. This is optional, but I would prefer to use turmeric, add a tiny amount of red cayenne, and black pepper as well. These species may help heal the lining of the intestine too. Beautiful color!

    Step 7: Molding

    Oil a small casserole dish, glass pie pan, or bread loaf pan. Pour the hot mixture into the pan. Drape a clean cloth other the pan and let it sit until it cools. Then place it in the refrigerator to set about 6 hours. Final product about 1900g ( 2 pounds) TOFU

    Step 8: Setting

    Use heavy non-stick pan over high heat oil to 375 oF/1This Tofu can keep in the fridge for a week; when ready to use, turn it onto a cutting board. It should have the consistency of firm tofu. You can slice it into thin slice ¼ inch-thick, but I love to cut it into ½ inches cubes

    Step 9: Frying

    Use heavy non-stick pan over high heat oil to 375 oF/190oC, careful slide Chickpea tofu into the hot oil, leaving space between them. Fry until lightly browned on the bottom, about 2 minutes. Then slip the slices and continue gently fry on the other side, 1-2 minutes. These fried slices are partly crispy and soft inside.

    Option: add egg, green onion, serve hot. Fry the same way the remaining tofu slices. If the oil begins to smoke, reduce the heat, and turn to medium.

     Step 10: Serving

    Serve warm with dipping sauce. This fresh fermented tofu can use as Polenta serving with other dishes.

    This Tofu can keep in the fridge for one week. This Fermented Chickpea Tofu can be used as a Polenta cake with other dishes, or make Fried Chickpea Tofu.

    Dipping Sauce:

    I try to avoid refined sugar as much as possible. In this recipe, I use the juice of fresh orange juice instead of sugar.

    •  4 Tbsp Soy sauce
    •  one fresh orange juice
    • 1-2 Tbsp juice or minced homemade Kimchi or Sauerkraut( AKP homemade Kimchi very sour taste contain live probiotic, the commercial Kimchi have too much corn syrup, MSG)
    • 1 tsp minced garlic
    • Minced red pepper Optional

    Mix well together; serve with hot fried Chickpea Tofu.

    Healthy gut beauty skin Gluten free, sugar free Fermented Chickpea - Ancient Knowledge Practice

    Fried Fermented Chickpea Tofu with green onion, egg, carrot, in cast ion pan and dipping sauce. Crunchy outside, soft inside. You can enjoy straight from the pan. So Yummy! With your LOVE and PASSION, when you prepare the dishes, you and your family can have healthy nutritious meals at a meager price, with exceptional value that no money can buy for you and your family


    You may see other Chickpea tofu without fermenting, yes it saves time, but it doesn’t have the unique sour, sweet taste (similar to sourdough bread), and many benefits as fermented Chickpea Tofu.

    If you are not familiar with a sour taste, start slowly:  

    Use one quarter to the haft of the fermented mix. Mix into a new blend of steps 1-2-3. Then follow steps 7-8-9-10. The remaining fermented mix can keep in the freezer until use.

    Mix with Taro or Potato:  

    This version makes a very thick cake. For 500ml fermented mix, add 200g shredded potato or Taro, ¼ cup tapioca powder, mix well. Cook on the stove, whisk stir continuously, while the blend still soft ( haft cook). Press into the mold. Steam until wholly cooked. Let cool outside, and set in the refrigerator at least 6 hours. Then prepare as steps 7-11.


    Chickpea is a good source of nutrition, but it may hard to digest for people with low stomach acid and an unbalanced microbiome. Please consult with experienced holistic nutritionists or Holistic Doctors to address these problems naturally. 

    Cooked Fermented Chickpea has no live probiotic, but contain many nutrition values. It is easy to digest and suitable for both healthy people as well as people with low stomach acid. This may be the best food for both financial and mental depression. Because it’s cheap but nutritious for the brain.

    Make sure to consume different kinds of other foods, colorful fruits, and vegetables. 

    I hope you try this recipe and let us know your experiences. Don’t forget your spiritual health, add love and compassion and a grateful attitude.


    6. Interview with Scientist John Robbin Founder of Life Wellness Labs
    7. Book: Miso.Tempeh.Natto & Other Tasty Ferments by Kristine & Christopher Shockey.
    8. Book: Why stomach Acid is Good for you – Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD 
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