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  • Benefits of Aloe Vera Soup – Beautiful Skin Inside and Out

    What  Are the  Benefits of Aloe Vera?

    You must have been heard or read that aloe vera is a wonderful natural acne remedy and stomach ulcer treatment. But the real question remains: is it true? Is aloe vera poisonous? What are the real benefits of aloe vera? How can I use aloe vera when it doesn’t have a good taste? All of these questions make it seem difficult to have beautiful skin. 

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  • Natural Acne Treatment Flu-Away Clam


    The memories of my childhood gave me the confidence in researching, experimenting with folk-lore medicine

    This is the recipe my great grandpa cooked for us when we had flu and coughing.

    How these herbs actually prevent or cure flu?  She didn’t know, and couldn’t answer why these remedies work. She was a poor peasant and didn’t have any education, but she seemed to have answers for many problems, cough, skin rash, constipation, diarrhea, stunt growth….with yummy foods.

    She must know how to nurse young kids very well, as her son became a successful rich businessman, her grandson, first one in the family got into University, become a Mathematics Teacher, her great-grandkids excel well in life too. A wise and strong woman, I think, she doesn’t any degree to prove that.

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  • Frozen Fruit Juice Recipes

    Why Frozen Fruit Juice Recipes the AKP way?

    Prevent Choking Hazard

    Popular warnings about the “hazards” of vitamins include discomfort and choking. When a soft pill dissolves fast, it causes stomach burning and nausea. A hard pill dissolves slowly, however, it can cause choking. In addition, it can run through the intestines, causing discomfort and stomach pain. 

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  • Which Form of Magnesium is Best?

    Which Form of Magnesium is Best?


    “I have a question, a friend highly recommended magnesium citrate to help calm my nerves, but are there other magnesium “types” that are better than citrate? I asked her since she read the magnesium miracle book and swear up and down citrate, however, I read that magnesium chloride is by far the best magnesium. So I am confused. Can someone explain? Which form of magnesium is best?”

    My answer:

    All magnesium compounds contain the Mg+ cation ion and anion. Magnesium Oxide MgO contains Mg2+ and 1 oxygen.

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  • Spicy Beef Salad – Enjoy Red Meat Asian Style

    Enjoy this simple Spicy Beef Salad on hot summer. People often ask me If I follow a special diet, No, I never diet, I enjoy food very much! If I eat red meat, yes I do, but rarely, and in the dishes with a lot of fresh vegetables. Beef meat is very expensive in Asia and treated as a luxury, only for a special occasion. In the U.S.A, where beef meat is plentiful and cheap in comparison with income and said as the cause of many diseases? Heartburn, Gerd, Heart attacked, high cholesterol…is it true?

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