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If you have an extreme skin condition and have tried every skin product ever created and nothing has ever worked, then you are in the right place. If you are concerned about the unnatural petrochemicals in most of today’s skin products and crave something natural, effective and gentle, then you are in the right place.If you want skin products supported by modern science that is also in harmony with nature, then you are in the right place.

My name is Anh Kim Phan and I’m the founder of AKP Skincare. I create effective skin care products using modern science, ancient herbal practices, and natural ingredients. I believe that everyone has a right to have beautiful skin at any age no matter how severe the issue without being exposed to harsh unnatural chemicals, medical procedures or pharmaceuticals. I believe that nobody should suffer the social stigma of skin issues.


I was born in 1966 in Vietnam and while growing up there, my great grandmother exposed me to the herbal medicines used in rural villages. She would always have a remedy for common ailments made from locally available plants and herbs. Being an inquisitive child, I always asked why these natural medicines worked. Unfortunately, my wonderful great grandmother was uneducated and was unable to answer my persistent questions. My maternal grandfather was also a strong influence on my development. He was a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and I was always fascinated whenever I went to his shop. As I grew, my natural curiosity led me to the sciences and with my parent’s guidance, I studied chemistry. After graduating with my bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, I began working in the skin care field. It was then that I noticed the harsh, unnatural chemical formulations being used by large corporations for skin care products.  Around this time as well, my health began to take a turn for the worst. I started to get sick a lot and eventually, I left my job to pursue another passion and get away from the harsh chemicals that I believed were contributing to my health issues. I became a translator and for the next 10 years, I worked at the top of that profession. This allowed me to explore the differences between many different cultures. However, I continued to have health difficulties, including adult acne and stomach issues. I tried every remedy of western medicine and nothing worked.
Anh Kim Phan presenting at the 11th World Congress of Food Science and Technology in 2001 at Seoul, South Korea.
Anh Kim Phan presenting at the 11th World Congress of Food Science and Technology in 2001 at Seoul, South Korea.


Then at the age of 33, I left my lucrative position as a translator and enrolled in the master program at Western University in Australia, where I eventually earned a Master degree in Applied Science in Food Science and Technology. This was a pivotal time for me because I learned how important it is to ask the right question. I then returned to the Skincare industry and I found the same practices as before. At the same time, my health issues intensified and I was forced to abandon the industry and focus on my well being, once again turning to western medicine with little positive result.

It wasn’t until I had a near death experience that I opened my mind and I eventually returned to the questions I had asked my great grandmother about the herbal remedies she had used to cure so many maladies. However, now I had the scientific basis to discover why they worked. Using my new understanding, I was able to solve my own health and skin issues.

With a new attitude about enjoying life and not making work the center of my world, I began working as a cosmologist and opened Bunker Hill Salon in downtown Los Angeles. As I shared my discoveries with many of my clients, they achieved similar results. Many of them encouraged me to share my discoveries with the world and so I founded AKP Skincare.
 Here’s what one of my clients said about my products


AKP Products changed the quality of my life. I have suffered for years with a facial condition called rosacea. I started using AKP skincare products and noticed a significant difference to my condition. The breakouts appeared less frequently and the inflammation subsided quite considerably with less redness. The great response was due to the fact that her products contain only natural ingredients mixed with the best Japanese water technology Kangen and Free of artificial colors, fragrances, or preservatives. Thank you AKP for bringing relief and joy back into my life with your amazing products.

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