The vision behind AKP Skincare is to earnestly provide the world with highly effective yet all-natural skincare products for consumers who are concerned about unnatural and unhealthy chemicals that can be readily found in current skincare products. We combine modern scientific understanding, effective ancient herbal practices, along with all-natural ingredients to create skincare products that are effective against even the most extreme skin conditions while remaining gentle and non-harmful.

Science Unites with Ancient Wisdom

Welcome to AKP Skincare! We create effective skin care products using modern science, ancient herbal practices, and natural ingredients. We firmly believe that everyone has a right to have beautiful skin at any age no matter how severe the issue without being exposed to harsh unnatural chemicals, medical procedures or pharmaceuticals. We believe that nobody should suffer the social stigma of skin issues.

If you have an extreme skin condition and have tried every skin product ever created and nothing has ever worked, then you are in the right place. If you are concerned about the unnatural petrochemicals in most of today’s skin products and crave something natural, effective and gentle, then you are in the right place. If you want skin products supported by modern science that is also in harmony with nature, then you are in the right place.

Meet The Founder


AKP Skincare was founded by chemist and cosmetologist Anh Kim Phan to produce effective, natural skincare products for women who are concerned about the unnatural and unhealthy petrochemicals present in skin products on most store shelves. Most of these mainstream skin products are made from the waste leftover from the oil refining process and will remain in your body for as long as they were able to remain on the shelves.

Anh Kim has spent the majority of her life learning and being driven towards her end goal of helping others by providing quality non-intrusive all-natural skincare products to the world. Read her full bio.


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