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Natural Acne Treatment Flu-Away Clam - AKP Skincare


The memories of my childhood gave me the confidence in researching, experimenting with folk-lore medicine

This is the recipe my great grandpa cooked for us when we had flu and coughing.

How these herbs actually prevent or cure flu?  She didn’t know, and couldn’t answer why these remedies work. She was a poor peasant and didn’t have any education, but she seemed to have answers for many problems, cough, skin rash, constipation, diarrhea, stunt growth….with yummy foods.

She must know how to nurse young kids very well, as her son became a successful rich businessman, her grandson, first one in the family got into University, become a Mathematics Teacher, her great-grandkids excel well in life too. A wise and strong woman, I think, she doesn’t any degree to prove that.

I rarely get sick as a kid, enjoy eating yummy tasty foods, and didn’t know about their medicinal value.

I grew up attending university, got a Master Degree as a modern scientist, and had put my trust completely in conventional medicine until these treatments failed me.

I nearly gave up my life and think that was my Karma or genes. However, the memory of my childhood gave me the confidence to questioning the conventional medicine system, and go back to researching, experimenting with folk-lore medicine with the insight of modern Science.

The last time I use anti-biotic was 2005, I have learned to find the way for getting well holistically without these drugs. It was a long journey, which had inspired me to create AKP SKINCARE, LLC to help young acne patients having permanent life solution for beautiful skin and avoid unnecessary antibiotic treatments.

Amazingly, now I am very happy to have confidence in my health. I have no fear of diseases or depend on drugs to live. Occasionally, I still get cold and flu, but I have all natural remedies to restore my immune system and ward off these pathogen germs effectively.

Basic spices in Vietnamese dishes from top left clock wise Lemongrass, Onion, Chili, Garlic, Green Onion, Cilantro


How these combinations of these herbs help flu-prevention and treat acne.

Fight off bad germs, strengthen the immune system:

I curious study why these herds can help prevent flu, I typed the search on National Institute of Health and found thousands of researchers on these herbs, and read through all these papers. Click on the words for the links of these lists.

Tumeric, Ginger, Garlic, LemonGrass ,Mint, Onion 

I don’t want you to get bored with all scientific name of phytochemicals in these spices, but I have confidence about their effectiveness on the kill off pathogen germ and support the growth of good germ that restores good balance on the gut microbiome.

Whole herbs have much other nutritional value which helps the body heal itself

Furthermore, besides the medicinal compounds, these herbs also contain thousands of phytochemicals nutrients like minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants flavonoids, which play very important roles in nourishing our body to heal itself. When you are healthy, your skin healthy too. Treat acne from the inside.

One research also confirmed that we should chew crushed garlic than swallow it whole, because chewed garlic has a strong effect in reduced total cholesterol, triglyceride, MDA (lipid peroxidation) and blood pressure that has an important role in cardiovascular disease, while swallowed one does not have the same effect.

We should chew foods very well before swallow – Grandma always right!

These spices use almost many dishes, in this dish FLU-AWAY CLAM I use baby clam. Claim contains high protein and many vitamins and minerals, essential amino acids, with surprising amounts of vitamin C and potassium, magnesium. When we are well nourished, our immune system helps us prevent flu better.

Preparation: ( for two people)

  1. Chop ginger, Turmeric, garlic, red onion, lemon grass, I used frozen lemongrass and fresh turmeric in this photo. You can use fresh lemongrass or power turmeric as well.
  2. Rinsed well 1 pack of frozen clam you can find in many Asian Market or two cans of canned Baby Clam
  3. Chop 1 small white onion, some mints leave, green onion.


Cook and serve:

  1. Add oil turn high heat, add ginger, garlic, turmeric, lemon grass stir in 30 seconds
  2. Add baby Clam (Rinsed Frozen or canned) stir well until dry, seasoned with fish sauces, black pepper. If you don’t like fish sauce, use garlic salt. I don’t use any sugar in my food, but many Southern Vietnamese loves sweet taste, they add sugar in almost any dishes. It’s a personal choice.
  3. Turn off the heat, add chopped onion, mint leaves, serve immediately with Sesame Rice Cracker, and add roasted peanut or your favorite nut.

If you like spicy, add fresh green or red chili, my favorite is large green chili, its texture is crunchy fresh.

Yummy, easy-to-do, only take you 5-10 minutes, why not try now? 

Make sure, you pour your love when making food for yourself and family, how to eat is also important to our health. Think and talk about the positive thing in life instead of watching the negative news on Tivo, or any electronic device.

Love is a choice we make every day. Hope you enjoy this dish with your loved one or enjoy by yourself. It goes well with beer and white wine. You may help prevent flu as well. Some myths said that this dish may increase libido as well. I will discuss in other blogs. Please do not think this dish as medicine that you only eat when you get sick or have acne. Everybody can enjoy this dish.

If your loved one has acne, just cook for them with love, however, do not mention acne treatment. They don’t want you to concern on their look, they want you to know their beautiful heart. Be patience with love, good nutrition restore the beauty inside out.

Enjoy, explore your taste bubs, Cheer to health!

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I do not CLAIM that this FLU-AWAY CLAM can prevent or cure any disease. If you have a severe chronic disease, digestive problems or have had many treatments of anti-biotics, cortisol, you should consult with a doctor. In addition, if you have a history of long-term antacid use, proton inhibitor, or medication for any chronic disease, you need to consult with a holistic doctor or nutritionist. They can help you to treat the root cause properly. I’m not a licensed M.D doctor or Naturopath Doctor. I am working with you on your journey, I operate as an independent scientist. I do this task by listening, analyzing your history of chronic diseases and treatments and search for scientific studies papers. I find success case studies to create the most effective and natural way to restore and maintain your holistic health. You will learn to understand your body and have the knowledge to take care of yourself through the rest of your life. Check out my consultation program.

Here is a video I found online for references, the variation is endless!





Lemon Grass :


Here is youtub video on

Vietnamese baby clam with rice cracker in English

Recipe In Vietnamese

Vietnamese baby clam with rice cracker in English

In Vietnamese


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