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What is the best lotion to help women reduce stretch marks?

Thank you to my followers for asking this question on Quora. I’d like to answer it in two different ways.

Answer 1: Based on my view as a woman, this answer is for all men who love and care for their wives and want to help reduce stretch marks post delivery

Stretch Mark Causes

Most women are insecure about their body image, especially after having a baby. Women might nag about how ugly they are with stretch marks and continuously search for a solution to solve the question: how to get rid of stretch marks. “Emotional scars” can cause post-delivery depression, which may also be linked to nutritional deficiencies. Men often seek a logical solution for the stretch mark problem, however, their efforts to solve the problem might have a negative effect.  Buying the most expensive stretch mark lotion or giving advice on how to treat stretch marks only confirms a man’s belief that his wife needs to improve her body image. Women might misinterpret this innocent act of good intention as an affirmation that they are not good enough and need to alter their body to get their husband’s love and affection.

Emotional Response

As a scientist, I am trained to think logically, but as a woman and wife, I understand that all a woman needs from her husband is unconditional love (which should be reciprocated as well). Instead of buying an expensive lotion to treat stretch marks, consider buying the book “Five Languages of Love” by Gary Chapman. Reading this will allow you to understand your wife’s love language in order to give her the love that she prefers. Everyone is different as an individual, with different backgrounds, family upbringing, etc. This plays a role in different love languages that people might speak. When a significant other does not understand their partner’s love language, it can be frustrating and difficult to feel connected. That being said, why not learn your partner’s love language to give them the love they need.

Best Stretch Mark Treatment

After being married for over 15 years and observing both happy and unhappy couples, my experiences bring me to answer how to get rid of stretch marks with this: The best stretch mark post delivery lotion for women is her man’s unconditional love. Unless a woman learns to love and care for herself as well as have confidence in her appearance, take caution giving any product or advice for beauty improvement. For example, I’ve had many male clients who were thrilled about their acne treatment form AKP Skincare and went to passionately extend their experiences with their girlfriends and recommend they seek treatment as well. Ouch!! Long story show, it was not received well by the girlfriends. Most people with acne do not want others to point out their insecurities but rather to look at their heart, not their face.


Answer 2: Based on my views as an independent scientist with a passion for functional nutrition

Before we look into how to get rid of stretch marks, it is important to understand what causes them. Stretch marks are caused by disruption of collagen synthesis which affects the body’s ability to heal itself. One cause of disrupted collagen synthesis is nutrition deficiency.

Stretch Mark Causes

Here is a list of commonly assumed stretch mark causes by WebMD and my responses ( in Italic) to their actual effect on the formation of stretch marks:

  • Being female ( yes, women have thinner skin than men)
  • Having a personal or family history of stretch marks (Genetic or family trail of bad eating habit leads to nutrition deficiency)
  • Being pregnant, especially for younger women (Not really, some women never have children but still, have stretch marks. On the other hand, some women having five babies and still have smooth skin and flat stomach)
  • Being overweight or obese (Not really, I see many thin and skinny women who have stretch marks, including myself until I treated them)
  • Rapidly gaining or losing weight (caused by unbalance nutrition)
  • Using corticosteroid medication (This is the classic example of chasing to treat the symptoms which cause more problems!)
  • Undergoing breast enlargement surgery (Not confident in her own beauty? Insecure image?)
  • Having Cushing’s syndrome, Marfan syndrome or certain other genetic disorders (what’s the cause of these disorders)

The root cause of most of the items in the list above is nutrition deficiency, which also causes post-delivery depression. If we are chasing to treat the symptoms instead of the cause, we may avoid the actual problem and lead to more frustration.

Scientific Answer for How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

The answer to the question so many people have of how to get rid of stretch marks is simply following a healthy nutrition and exercise plan, like the AKP protocols.

  • Take a high-quality multi-vitamin with Vitamin C,E, D, B complex, Co-Q10, & ALA which boost the of the body ability to heal itself. However, these vitamins are not the complete answer, they only act as a worker to build the house as a whole. Without good materials, we can’t build a strong house.
  • Therefore, eat plenty or various colorful vegetables and fruits daily. There are thousands of phytochemicals, like flavonoids (beta-carotene family is one family of these phytochemicals), minerals, and vitamins, which cannot replace by vitamin supplements.
  • Enjoy real fat, real butter, moderate meat, and bone broth. Our body needs cholesterol and protein to repair and rejuvenate skin cells. If you have stomach problems and cannot digest fat, or protein, you should address the digestive problem seriously.
  • Try a variety of probiotics or enjoy difference fermented vegetable to balance gut microbiota. Vitamin K2, folic acid, and some amino acids produced by the gut bacteria play an important role in skin health and mental health.

    Lactic Fermented Bean Sprout provide good microbiome, vitamin K2, folic acid, very important for stretch mark healing

  • For vegans, make sure to eat a balanced combination of different sources and check stomach acid for optimum nutrition absorption.
  • Check to see if you are magnesium deficient. Our body needs magnesium to make enzymes, and hormones necessary for collagen formation and skin rejuvenation. Here is a playlist of Youtube video about magnesium deficiency for more information.


Topical Treatment Suggestion

  • From ancient times, our ancestors have used many different herbs to figure out how to get rid of stretch marks; like Calendula (Marigold), Chamomile, Turmeric, Comfrey, Sage, Fennel, Rosemary infused natural oil (there were no petroleum products at that time) Jojoba, avocado, evening primrose, coconut, olive, and grape seed oils to massage on stretch marks. Modern research experiments had proven that these ancient remedies actually work. There are many DIY remedies online, so take time and love to make this herbal infused oil at home. If you don’t have time, try this AKP LUSHER Herbal Oil with vitamin E, D.
  • Try AKP BIOSERUM , which had been tested to show amazing results. It contains the most bioactive Magnesium which is in the best form for human cells.  Hyaluronic acid help hydrate skin and vitamin C supports collagen synthesis.



Answering the question of how to get rid of stretch marks has many different answers but the main cause is unbalanced holistic health. The best solutions for getting rid of stretch marks is a combination of functional nutrition and love.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my in-depth response to this question. Please leave your feedback on my blogs to further the discussion.

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Love is a choice you make everyday.

Gary Chapman


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