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Enjoy this simple Spicy Beef Salad on hot summer. People often ask me If I follow a special diet, No, I never diet, I enjoy food very much! If I eat red meat, yes I do, but rarely, and in the dishes with a lot of fresh vegetables. Beef meat is very expensive in Asia and treated as a luxury, only for a special occasion. In the U.S.A, where beef meat is plentiful and cheap in comparison with income and said as the cause of many diseases? Heartburn, Gerd, Heart attacked, high cholesterol…is it true?

“Everything is poison, nothing is poison? –Parecelus 

What I life give you lime? Make Spicy Beef Salad! Delicious Positive thinking

Seem like a small amount of meat and how we eat is important. Therefore, to follow the series Hot Summer Loves Cool Foods, in this blogs, I would like to invite you to enjoy a small amount of red meat the Asian style. Hereunder is my favorite recipe. Make sure you enjoy the time you spend to make food for yourself and for your family. Happiness is Nutrition too.

Make special power for Spicy Beef Salad: Step 1: Glutenous Rice 1 cup, Frozen Galangal rhizome root 2 inches

  1. Spices as natural food preservatives:

Make Spicy Powder step 2: Chop Galanga in small pieces, broil with rice until they turn brown.You can buy Frozen Galangal is any Asian Market. The one in these photos has freezer burn, it dried out already, therefore, it turn brown very fast. If it still fresh, you have to slice it thinly and broil slowly.

Galangal Rhizome use in many Asian cuisines, it has used as remedies for digestive problems in Vietnam because it contains some anti-bacteria phytochemicals.  Therefore this spice may keep the food from poisoning by control the overgrowth of bad bacterias in the hot summer weather.

Spicy Powder Step 3: Ground in powder, Keep in the tightly closed glass jar for 6 months in dry, dark place. Use small amount each time. About 3 TBSP for 1LB of meat. Ready-made save time! You can buy ready made powder on the market, but it is not as good as homemade-with- love.

Lime Marinated Beef: Thin slice 1 pound rare steak, marinate at least 2 hours in the sauce mix of the juice of 2 lemons, 2TBS fish sauce, 3 cloves of Galic, 1TSP sugar, add Red Pepper according to your taste.

2. Eat Red Meat in a sufficient way: 

Our body needs iron to synthesize hemoglobin, however, we can’t use animal hemoglobin. It has to digest red meat into iron form to use.  Ancient ancestor didn’t know about biology, but they did make delicious healthy food by experience.

Certainly, in this recipe, the rare cooked beef meat, thinly sliced, further cooked by marinated in acidic lime juice. The lime juice dissolves minerals iron in red meat into better absorbable form.

Besides that, all of the other spices garlic, red pepper also keep food from poisoning and have other medicinal values too. Furthermore, Fish Sauce  is a product of slow fermentation of fish and salt, rich in many amino acids, also add ready to use nutrients to the dishes. Consequently, this is the sufficient way to eat red meat.

Vegetable mix: Thin slice of Red or white Cabbage, Bell Pepper yellow ( can use red, green pepper, or mix 3 colors, the more the merrier), Red Onion, Juvenile Scallion.

This Asian Spicy Beef Salad is a festival of flavor and texture.

3. Rainbow Vegetables need for Biodiversity:

In contrast with the brownish color of the meat mix, here are the festival rainbow colors of different vegetable. The more, the merrier, because Biodiversity is the key to obtain various phytochemicals nutrients and a balanced gut microbiome.

Finally, Mix the marinated beef with vegetable mix, add Special powder accordingly to absorb the juice. Add some fresh herbs like mints, Thai basil, Serve immediately after mixing with sesame rice cracker. Most importantly, the spicy power gave a special taste in crunchy texture to the salad. Use sesame rice crackers as an edible spoon to carry the salad to your mouth.  Ummm, a burst of many flavors, texture, and love in your tongue. Make sure you chew them slowly at least thirty times before swallow into your stomach. Properly, thirty time is sound impossible, but you can play game counting to see who is the winner. Having fun, laughter is nutrition too.

Hope you enjoy the salad, adjust the amount of spicy according to your taste. You guys may love to enjoy it with a bottle of beer. Yummm! Have a nice hot summer weekend!

Above all, remember, Love and take care of yourself is the best gift you can give to your family.

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