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Skincare AKP way: Be Healthy, Helpful and Happy! - AKP Skincare

AKP Skincare. Real People. Real Result. Celebrate Natural Beauty

Advice from a smart lady, which inspire the CEO/Founder of AKP Skincare

I always curiously ask people with good skin, “what is your secret?” This wise lady gave me this advice. “Strive to be healthy, helpful, and happy. Living well leads to looking one’s best.” That advice inspired me to write this blogs about WHY AKP SKINCARE?


It is not true that Asian women have good skin, my light skin mom started to have brown spots all over her face since she turned 40, my sisters, too.  My skin also started with brown spots even though I spend money on $200 for a small of anti-aging skincare cream.  Do I have my mom gene? I accepted these brown spots because my health was more important to me than my beauty.  I wanted to be healthy more than beauty.

I had health problems since the 30s, after 40 my health corrupted because my gut couldn’t absorb nutrition from food, I did tremendous research on National Institude of health, reads many books on Functional Nutrition, Holistic Health, Ancient Herbal Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Natural Health… The will to be Healthy naturally in me is so strong that I forget about my ego, open to learning about ancient remedies which I thought were “quack”, and use my detective skill of a scientist to understand these medicines. This was really a journey to understand myself Mind.Body.Spirit.

I have found the way to apply nutrients from the skin, I created my own skincare. On the journey to healing myself with holistic nutrition, my skin naturally better at 52, age spots and wrinkles disappear, my skin firmer. I realize that Skin Health is the indicator of the health inside.

People have started asking me: “What’s skincare brand do you use?” I  gave AKP skincare away, but my clients want to buy the products, therefore I set up my AKP Skincare, LLC, to officially doing business on functional skincare.


The journey of starting a new skincare business at the age of 50s is so interesting, I feel HAPPY living my dream by doing this business:  enjoy many hobbies since I was a kid: Asking, Reading, Learning, Experimenting, Organizing, Creating things, Connecting with people, Freedom thinking and speaking my point of view.

At this age, I am so comfortable with whom I am and have the courage of doing business the way I want as a woman.

Who said doing business you must have this characters: “Throat cutting, competitive, step over other people to get ahead, extravagating the true. Use tricks to manipulate people to get what’s you want, chasing money, fame?”

What do I want? I want to BE HELPFUL I want to empower my clients to believe in the power inside them. I do what I can to make them look at the solution inside their body and spirit. I only provide my clients the right nutrition for their skin rejuvenating.

I also so have learned so much from my client, one of my clients said that the reason she wants to be healthy because she loves her grown-up son and daughter so much, that she doesn’t want them to have to worry for her health. Her mother succumbed to diabetic disease for many years before passed away. Therefore she said, ” Take care of myself, my health is the best gifts I can give to my kids”. Wow! I copy that to be AKP Skincare motto ” Love and take care of yourself is the best gift you can give to your loved one.” For more detail about her transformation click here Thuy Nguyen

Am I a healer? absolutely not. My clients are the healers; I am only their helper in their journey.


I am so grateful that the sickness and struggle to recover had helped me have a deep sympathy for my clients, to able to speak their language than being an authority. I am not a Doctor and I don’t give prescription drugs. I was trained as chemical scientists, I use science to understand ancient herbal medicine applying to modern lifestyles. Learn new things each day from every clients’ feedback. I integrate modern science with ancient wisdom. On this journey, I have met and learned from many new friends, mentors, who also have the same or different views with me on natural health.  I am so happy that I can help the teen or young adults, who insecure with their look can get their skin to heal naturally by nutrition, and avoiding using harsh treatment. Importance for me is the experience of healing by holistic nutrition can be with them for the rest of their life. Many clients told me that they started to receive compliments from their friends (see Testimonials).  They make me so happy.  I accept gratuitously, and reply sincerely:


How about you, what’s your secret of beauty? What’s your skincare routine? What is your dream? What is your inspiration? Please comments and share your story. Happy to hear from you.

P/S: This Lady was a writer for LA times, must be in interesting to be a very few women in her generation to get a higher degree.

Note:  AKP Skincare doesn’t pay models or Media influencers to advertise AKP Skincare, because we believe that every human being is a beautiful model at any age. We use real clients’ photos with their permissions. Myrna already has good skin, she uses AKP REJUVEX GOLD to maintenance it. REAL PEOPLE. REAL RESULTS I don’t have BEFORE & AFTER photo of her.

AKP Skincare. Real People. Real Results

AKP – REJUVEX GOLD Skincare for women after 40s


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