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AKP REJUVEX GOLD - For women after 40 - AKP Skincare

Is Asian have good skin by gene?, Not really, my mom has a brown spot all over her face. After 40 yrs young, I start to see my skin thinner, drier, brown spot on my checks, despite I spent $200/jar or anti-aging cream. I create this REJUVEX for me and women 40 plus, all races and colors. There are many researchers behind this REJUVEX cream, it has been tested with more than 7 years with 95% positive response.

Father Time can be a harsh master as he will visit the ravages of aging upon all of us. And while aging can’t be stopped, Mother Nature is kinder and provides the means to slow down the unceasing march of time.

REJUVEX is a completely organic anti aging cream based on ancient herbal wisdom and refined with modern scientific understanding. When this lotion is applied, it’s activated by the heat of your own skin to form a continuous, elastic, smooth and breathable layer that contains the hydration in your skin, keeping it moist, pliable and soft.

REJUVEX ingredients also penetrate deep into your skin to stimulate blood flow and directly nourishes your skin with essential nutrients, which increases elasticity, your skin collagen levels and your immune system resulting in the stronger more resilient skin.

Here are some of the ingredients in REJUVEX that make it so effective.

  • Natural anti-oxidant flavonoids extracted from an organic herb, which gives the benefit of balancing your hormones and brings your body back into harmony with Mother Nature.
  • AKPTM Cellular nutrients: a perfect combination of more than 20 anti-oxidant vitamins such as A, B complex, E, C, D, ALA, Co-Q10, plus trace minerals
  • An Organic base with a specific combination of natural cold press Olive, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Safflower, Sunflower and Coconut Oils which are rich in essential Omega 3’s, Linoleic acid, and Arginine. These act as a base biodegradable emollient which is consumed by the friendly microbiome on your skin which produces essential nutrients for your skin.

This collection of herbs and vitamins works in harmony to protect and repair the skin from the ravages of free radicals, from sunburn, from virus and bacteria, and from harsh, dry environments.

All of this will naturally reduce the fine lines, uneven skin tone, poor skin texture and surface dullness caused by aging giving you healthy looking skin. Doing nothing isn’t an option if you want to slow down the harsh pace of Father Time. Let the ancient herbal wisdom of Mother Nature be your protector.

Note: This Model is Real clients. We didn’t edit or photoshop her natural lines, that the sign of wisdom, why we erase them?

Myrna Olive testimonial: “After many disappointments and wasted money over the years, I had given up on special skin care products. But at my age, I must have moisturizer. The first time I tried AKP Rejuvenex Gold, I was amazed at how soft and comfortable my face felt. I became an instant fan. A friend who saw my picture said my “skin is glowing.”

Science Unite with Ancient Wisdom


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