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Eye bags are the skin bags under the eyes ( not inherit), a kind of edema, where toxic fluid struck in the lymphatic system if these fluid doesn’t move, it makes permanent sagging under eyes.  Stress, medication, eye strain too much,  allergy to foods, artificial fragrance,

etc,… can cause edema, try your best to address the cause of edema. In this blog, we discuss how to treat and prevent them.

There are many natural remedies in many beauty blogs worthy to try. However, I am not a fan of  Retinols cream with the petrochemical base on your eyes skin, try natural organic skincare as much as possible.

Here are my remedies, and I have been used and see results in myself and many clients

Remove Edema causing eyes bags:

Take herbs as tea is better in powder capsule.

  • Orally:
  1. Drinking a lot of Fenugreek Tea, make sure use cold or room temperature to make the tea. Or you can use many other herbs which contain natural phytochemical compound polysaccharide like Aloe Vera, Slippery Elm Bark. This compound may help draw out the water stuck in the eye bags.
  2. Drink hot tea make with Tumeric, Chamomile, Calendula flowers, these herbs contain many photochemical helping soothing inflammation, strengthen the blood vessels and lymphatic system around your eyes.

One Blossoming Orange Pot Marigold Flower – Beautiful Calendula officinalis Isolated on White Background.


  • Topically:
  1. Cold Mask: add water to 1 tsp of Fenugreek,  mix well into a paste, apply on the eye bags, lay down let it dry completely. When polysaccharide compound drying, it also draws out the fluids stuck in eye bags.
  2. AKP collagen contour mask created for sagging chin by edema also very good for swollen eye bags.

Natural Skincare Tip #1

  • Prevention: strengthen collagen, muscle and lymphatic system around the eyes to void edema eyes bags.
  1. Consume plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, which contain vitamin C, and many other vitamins, minerals, the essential building block for our body to heal itself. If you are busy and have no time to prepare every day, try AKP LIFE ESSENCE vitamin complex to make frozen fruit juice to save time.
  2. Use real organic cream which contains multi-vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, E, Co-Q10, minerals, herbal extract of Calendula, Chamomile on organic base olive oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil to rejuvenate skin. or oil free organic serum . Avoid skincare products with allergens like artificial colors, fragrances or preservative.
  3. Many advice on the internet and social media to  avoid the sun, or use sunscreen, to help nice skin. Itmay right or wrong depending on your current health if you are very deficiency of vitamin D, you may have a Photosensitive problem. Check out other posts on  sunblurn

 These above suggestions are for people just has eye bags recently if you have eye bags edema for a long time and taking many drugs, antacid, proton inhibitor, medication for any chronic disease, you need to consult with a holistic doctor, or nutritionist to help you to treat the root cause properly. Remember, love yourself, you are your best doctor, only you can heal yourself. Doctors, nutritionists are your advisers, not your healer, you make a choice to choose them to serve you.

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