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How to use Fenugreek Seeds Effectively - AKP Skincare

Fenugreek Seeds – Use as food and natural remedies

Fenugreek seeds are known for their characteristic smell of soup seasoning and as an ingredient of Indian curry. Traditionally the seeds are used in many remedies for the treatment of diabetes, cough, and flatulence, to increase breast milk secretion, and for anti-inflammatory and aphrodisiac effects.

Modern Scientists recently confirmed that fenugreek active substances have a potential to become a source of new antidiabetic medication. However, I’d prefer to use Fenugreek Tea traditional way as tea and spicy in foods.

This blog only shows How to use Fenugreek seed effectively as a tea to treat edema (water retention), and sprouting the seeds. 

1- CoolTea for Edema: infuse 1-2 tablespoon of dry seeds in 1 cups of water wait for 1-2 hours until the color turns yellow.

Fenugreek Tea for Edema, GERD, Acid Reflux

Take herbs as tea is more effective than taking herb as powder capsule

Drink slowly, add more water, drink again, add water 4-5 times until the color fading. The polysaccharide compound in Fenugreeks help draws out water inside the cells and detox through the lymphatic system. This tea very effective for treating water retention caused by hormonal fluctuation pre-menstruation, menopause. This tea can use to soothing burning on esophagus caused by GERD, Acid Reflux.

Case Study: My relative a women in her 70years could not pee for 24 hours, her face, feet swollen and painful, that she couldn’t sleep,  after drink one cup of Fenugreek tea, she drained the toxic stagnant fluid profoundly through urine, continue   to drink until the tea color gone, and her body back to normal. Amazing only one teaspoon of this herbs can save a ton of hospital cost.

 2. Sprouting for salads: After the tea, do not through away the seeds, use them to make a tasty sprout, that you can add to many vegetable salads.

2 Sprouting for Salad: Put in mason jar, use cheesecloth as the lid to keep air venting, change water daily in 5-7 days, rinsed out the husks, the sprouts are ready to use.

!Sprouting enhances the nutritional value of many seeds

Home made sprouts, effectively use of Fenugreek seeds after making tea[caption id="attachment_461" align="alignleft" width="351"] Fenugreek Sprouts has slightly bitter taste, goes well in any green salads.

Just a small amount of this seek can save you from many unnecessary medications.

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Have a nice day! You can take care of yourself

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