Between an electric face brush and just washing my face with my hands (I’m a guy), which one is safer for the skin for long-term? - AKP Skincare

Quora User Bob Piani requested me to answer his question on  Here is my answer:

Thank you for asking this good question, because I have my own AKP skincare products I have to try harder to get my answers to you. I want to make sure they are fair, clear and no-bias on this subject and help you make a good decision for your health. Therefore, my answers are mostly very lengthy.

In healthy people, every second we have trillions of new cells form and also cells death naturally, and our human body was created perfectly to digest and recycle death cell by our wonderful hero macrophage (white blood cells). Scientist call the process is apoptosis. Ideally, if we are healthy our skin replace my new cells each day, and dead skin cells are disappearing naturally and we have smooth, clear skin.

Have you ever wonder why most of the baby and some healthy adults have pinkish smooth skin without any effort?

If you are in perfect health, have good skin, just simply wash your face and your hand with water is enough.

However, if you are not happy with your skin, listen to your body, it may try to tell you something.

Natural Skincare Tip #1

Most the skin problems have the same root problem, Necrosis (premature cells death), this may cause by many factors, unbalanced nutrition, stress, toxic environments, ect…. If too much dead skin cells, our body unable to remove them properly, therefore we see dry, flaky, uneven skin tone, or acne ( see my other topic on acne). Unfortunately, wash your face by hand and water is not enough to remove these stubborn dead cells.

Using an electric face brush is better for your skin? YES and NO

YES – Electric face brush help brush out dead skin cells more effectively than wash by hand. Ideally, when dead cells removed, new skin cells come out and we have good skin again. Electric face brush help to massage stimulate blood move to your face and nourish skin. It’s true if you have a perfect health, but not for all the case.

NO – Electric face brush use improperly may invasively hurt healthy cells, causing premature cell death (link necrosis.). If you are not in perfect health, the body takes a long time to heal, and you may end up having drier, patchy, uneven skin tone. Ironically, that was the reason you use face brush in first place.

Therefore, take care of your holistic health is the safest way to have good skin long-term. If you don’t address the skin problem correctly, it may cause a further problem later. See my other answers on acne.

I hope my answer is useful to you. Love and take good care of your health is the best gift you can give to your loved one. Have a nice day

p/s: The most gentle exfoliating products I confidently suggest for all of my clients is AKP SILKIER. Japanese Ancient Wisdom-Cherry Blossom leaf extract complex remove only dead skin cells and leave the healthy cells intact. Therefore, It can be used for healthy people to have silkier skin, or for people who need healing from the inside.


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