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Bruised after sunburn is not a good sign, I am not a doctor, but I would like to share my story in case you may find useful for your decision about your health.

 My true life story about Sunburn:

Anh Kim Phan, age 52, Healthy Skin – Use internal cellular defense instead of sunblock

As a young kid, in the summer, I swim in the ocean every day from morning to noon, without using any sunblock, our skin got darken for about one month and naturally peeled and I have light skin again. I didn’t have sunburn problem. I was the strongest kid, tallest among my sisters,  I rarely got sick.

I grew up, educated, got a good job, I start to care for my light skin. Every time I go out, even though I applied sunblock, I still have sunburn problem rashes, my eyes bulge, severe headache, my skin itch, bruised, so painful that I have to take Tylenol to ease the pain.

WHY a strong kid never got sick became a 30s fragile weak women?

Use my scientist skill to research for the cure of sunburn. Now I am today very healthy happy and success that I want to share my experience with everyone, in the hope you may use as a reference for you to make your own decision for your health.

Paradoxically, I found out that

  1.  Sun’s radiation helps our skin synthesis vitamin D but also cause skin sunburn if you have a weak immune system.
  2. Deficiency of vitamin D and many other nutrients is the cause of sunburn. Vitamin D is a very important vitamin not only for the bone health but for almost every organ function in our body.
  3. Avoid the sun and use of sunblock, prescription drugs hindrance our body synthesize vitamin D naturally and become a vicious cycle of sunburn.
  4. The food we eat and our digestive health also affect skin health and its ability to heal from Sunburn.

AKP SKINCARE’s protocols for avoiding sunburn:

Eat plenty, various colorful vegetables, fruits daily. There are thousands of phytochemicals like flavonoids ( beta-carotene family is one of these phytochemicals), minerals, vitamins, which help neutralize the free radical cause sunburn.

Enjoy real fat, real butter, our body needs cholesterol to synthesize vitamin D. Fat under skin also protect your skin from sunburn. If you have a stomach problem, cannot digest fat, you should address the problem seriously.

– Before, during, or after a long time sun exposure drink real fruit juice with multi-color, with multi-vitamin C, D, B complex, Co-Q10, ALA which boost ability to heal from sunburn faster.

– Use Herbal ( Calendula, Chamomile) infused coconut or Oliver oil) enriched with vitamin E and  D topical to moisturize and heal sunburn.

– Do not use harsh soap to clean skin immediately after sun exposure, because you may accidentally wash out all the new synthesized vitamin D on your skin.

– Use Alo Vera gel, herbal tea (Calendula is my favorite) to ease the burn, or AKP REVITA and REJUVEX to neutralize free radicals caused by sun’s radiation

– Be careful to use sunblock, sunblock contains many man-made chemicals that may affect overall health,  use internal cellular health as natural “sunblock”.

These above suggestions are for a person just has the problem with sunburn recently. If you have a severe reaction like me as I mentioned above or have been through many treatments by anti-biotic, cortisols, long time taking an antacid, proton inhibitor, medication for any chronic disease, you need to consult with a holistic doctor, or nutritionist to help you to treat the root cause properly.

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